SEO Recovery and Prevention

UPDATE: One-on-One Coaching with Jimmy Kelley is no longer available. This course is no longer available to the general public but as a Network Empire Basic member you may still purchase this course with the membership discount located in the member’s special offers area.


Oh no! Where did my traffic go?

Well, you will probably attacked by Google panda or Google Penguin penalties!

We would like to invite you to join us for the all new seo traffic hospital online training course with military level seo expert Jimmy Kelley and Network Empire CEO Sue Bell.

Your instructors are not fly-by-night seo propaganda loyalists! They are military level developers with years of SEO experience and online web software development.

About Jimmy Kelley:

  • Jimmy Kelley is a highly skilled SEO and traffic expert and a former DOD (Department of Defense) contractor.
  • Since leaving the DOD, Jimmy has increased search engine rankings and rescued penalized sites for hundreds of clients and students worldwide.
  • His proprietary Domain Authority Stacking methods and systems have gained notoriety with collaboration from advanced semantic software engineers including former department of defense software architect Sue Bell.
  • Don’t ask him to do anything small!

About Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell:

Testimonial from Dafyd Morgan: 


Testimonial from David C:



[Private Skype Group Chat – 7/23/2014 4:55:31 PM] David C: Hi Guys! My Client website -rankings are back – thanks Jimmy, Sue, Russell!

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Common Webinar Testimonial:



Testimonial from Wayne Vass:


What Do You Get With This  Course?

It sucks when you lose traffic. This usually equates to a loss in revenue.
But what if someone could give you the “Power Move” to get all that Traffic Back?

Here is What is Covered In This Course:

  • We’ll take brand new domains and show you exactly what it takes to incur a penalty.
  • Yes! We are going to “Google Penalize” a  real domain and Fix It For You, Right In Front of Your Eyes. (Wow!)
  • We are going to reveal Algorithmic Filters vs Manual step-by-step actions to heal your penalized domains!
  • Show You How To Determine if its Manual, Algorithmic and/or “Something Else”. (Too many people jump to conclusions!)
  • Identifying Panda – A foolproof way to be certain that you have been hit by Google Panda!
  • Step-by-Step Exactly How To Fix Panda! Watch while we go through one or more of the class participants’ sites and identify the problems that need to be fixed!
  • Identifying Penguin – Understanding the signs of a Penguin hit and how it differs from Panda – and EXACTLY how to tell the difference.
  • Step-by-Step Exactly How To Fix Penguin- watch while we go through one or more of the class participants’ sites and identify the problems that need to be fixed.
  • Page Layout Algorithm Factors – Give Google What it Wants!

Bonus Material You Will Love:

  • Panda and the latest findings: Learn more about what Panda 4.0 is really all about!
  • Penguin: Learn what to look for with the filter, identify and recover without a re-inclusion request (in most cases).





Please visit us at for more information, or ask for a skype at from “themezoom” and ask us any questions you wish.

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